Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vroom. Vroom. Birthday Party.

Vroom. Vroom. Preston turns two in just two days. Last weekend we had a car birthday party for him with just a few friends. It was the perfect size for his age!

Back in October I had seen a cute idea for a car birthday party on pinterest. Since Preston LOVES cars (what boy doesn't?) we thought it was perfect for him. Nate and I really enjoyed brainstorming and creating things for Preston's party. Each child received a car as a party favor that they could drive around the roads made out of masking tape and yellow duct tape. There were various stations they could stop at such as a car wash, gas station, home, drive-in movie where Cars 2 was playing and a racetrack. I think the racetrack was the biggest hit! It was well worth the money spent on our splurge purchase! The racetrack was a blow up ball pit with a track around the outside where the balls could roll back down into the pit. The kids played with it the longest by far.

We had a small lunch and of course cupcakes. Preston was so excited for his party. There were many times over the course of the month that Preston heard "not until your party" or "that's for your party". I think it all helped build the anticipation for him. He was especially excited for the cupcakes since he helped me make them the day before. And, to my suprise he knew exactly what to do with the candles on his cupcake. He blew them out before I even had a chance to tell him to. Smart boy!

All the time and effort put into creating his party was well worth it. Preston was so hyper after the event that we knew he had fun and every once in awhile in the days following I would hear him talking about it, mostly in his crib when he should have been taking a nap. He would be saying "Happy birthday to you."

We sure love this little guy and can't believe it's already been two years!


Annette said...

Great Job on the Party - It looked like Preston never stopped smiling!

Doug said...

Looks like great fun. You did a wonderful job on the decorations and theme.

ohbrooke said...

I heard the party was super cute! Way to go Jaime this is adorable! Loved the video of Preston, his little giggle when everyone starts singing, and his blowing out the candle. So cute! I showed Owen your Christmas card today and when he saw Preston, he got really excited and started giggling. Miss you guys!